2012 grammy awards

Who is Nicki Minaj’s over-the-top alter ego?

When Nicki Minaj took to the stage, it was not as herself but instead seemed to be as her disturbing noir character, Roman Zolanski. The performance, which included levitation, priests, exorcism, and flames, was a far cry from her poppy hits like “Super Bass.” But as Spin magazine points out, this is not the first time Nicki has channeled her inner demons through Roman to bring out her deranged side. The song, “Roman Holiday,” had its debut at the Grammys. Expect to see more of that over-the-top Roman.

What happened during the Katy Perry set?
Katy Perry’s performance had viewers wondering if there was a technical glitch midway through her rendition of :”E.T.,” the pop hit from last year. The music suddenly came to a halt and the stage lights went out. It looked like a show stopper, literally. And then, it just looked like the malfunction was actually an intentional audio breakdown.

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The lights came back up and the pop princess, who sported her trademark blue hair and silver body suit, pulled off a magic trick: She had teleported to the top of the stage in a glass box. We’re still not sure exactly how she did that, but it was cool.

Transitioning from outer space, Katy Perry then debuted a song that centered on matters of the heart. And given her recent breakup with her husband Russell Brand, it was hard not to make the link between her lyrics and her ex-love: She sang, “You chew me up and spit me up/You took my life/ You drained me down/ But that was then, and this is now.” The chorus continues: “Look at me/ This is the part of me that you’re never ever going to take away from me.” The single will be released as part of Perry’s new album, “Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection,” which is due out on Feb. 21.

How did Betty White win?
We know Betty White can act. But how did the Emmy-award winner also get herself a Grammy? She hasn’t taken up singing, as far as we know, but she did write a book, “If You Ask Me, (And Of Course You Won’t)” — and the audio book won Best Spoken Word Album at the pre-telecast Grammy Awards. White beat out fellow comedian Tina Fey for the audio version of her memoir, “Bossypants.”

What is the meaning of Foo Fighters?
The Foo Fighters were a fighting force at this year’s Grammys — grabbing four awards, including best rock album for “Wasting Light.” Frontman Dave Grohl thanked the audience, saying: “This is a very great honor because this album was the most fun we’ve ever had making a record,” and added that the album was special because, “We made this at home in my garage.” Way to keep that indie spirit alive. But now that the band is a household name, how exactly did the rock band name itself? Foo fighters is actually a term used to describe UFOs spotted by Allied aircraft pilots during World War II. We have no problem spotting this band as a winner.



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